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Christmas parade: December 1, 2018


update: ​jon roberts - Blue Crew 1987

as of 8/16/2018

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Excerpted and Amplified from Jon's Facebook posting on this subject.

If you would like to help plan or have any ideas just let me know.  Still a rough draft, more details to follow. 

Blue Crew Alumni Band doing the 2018 North East Christmas parade, using flags, drums and kazoos. I have secured the equipment and the blessings of the current band director, Meghan Owens. This group will not be officially affiliated with North East High School or the band. 

Cost: $25

This will cover insurance or waiver, a Santa hat and the kazoos. $5 per each additional household member covers the cost of the kazoos and hats (i.e., a single person is $25. A Mom that marches is $25; Dad walks with a child behind the parade...it's $5 for whoever wants a hat and kazoo.

This is a family event, bring whomever you wish. 

  • Past Directors and Assistant Directors: Free
  • Kids: Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. (Your kid can march, but you have to be there.)


The goal is 100+ people and $2,500. 100% of the funds go to NEHS Fine Arts/the Band/the Music Dept. (TBD)


About 1/2 mile. You'll have to walk to the start and walk back to your car, so you might be on your feet 1-2 miles.


A Santa hat and appropriate Christmas or winter garb. No Santa outfits! The town requests that only the official Santa wears the official suit. We don't want to confuse kids, drummers and tuba players.

Tee Shirts:

Hopefully available if there is interest. Want to design one? Let me know.

I'm not crazy! I am been involved with drum corps, drumline and fundraising since graduating from the Blue Crew in 1987. This will be fun!

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